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For all events it is a requirement for participants to be equipped with sensible weather-proof clothing including a waterproof rain jacket and waterproof over-trousers. A pair of walking boots with adequate grip and ankle support are also necessary. Also bring drinks and a packed lunch. More details.

Persons who are inadequately equiped or have inadequate condition will slow down the group and will spoil the enjoyment of the hike for the others in the group. Persons turning up for an event in runners or are otherwise inadequately equiped will not be allowed join the group, so please ensure you are well enough equipped to avoid disappointment.

In order to provide a clear indication of was is expected for each hike, the grade, the distance (km), and the estimated hiking time is listed for each hike in our schedules. The hiking time is only an estimate, because it depends on distance, ascent, underfoot conditions, weather, and the fitness and ability of the persons in the hiking party.

Hikes are graded based on the underfoot conditions, the level of skills required, and the amount of ascent. Hikes of higher grades are for more experienced walkers only!

If anyone is prepared to organise and lead any hikes and would like to invite other members of the club along, then send details to the club secretary, by post or email, and the event will be added to the above list and distributed to all members of the ICHC.

If you know of others who would be interested in joining with us, then please tell them about this website.