Who are we?

Hiking/walking/mountaineering has become one of the fasted growing pastimes and sports in Ireland. It brings people together from all walks of life, with a common love for the outdoors. As a result there are many clubs throughout the country which have sprang up to cater for people who wish to develop their interest in the outdoors with other people. Sadly the majority of these clubs run their events on Sundays. This can result in a person having to make a difficult choice between church and the hills on a Sunday, when the person might like to participate in both. Or it may mean that a person who has regular church commitments rarely gets to enjoy the outdoors.

In addition there are a large number of Christians in churches, big and small throughout the country, who have a great love for the outdoors, who would like to meet with other people for outdoor pursuits in a Christian environment.

The Irish Christian Hillwalking Club was initiated several years ago under the name Irish Christian Mountaineering Club by Martin McCormack, Peter Simpson, Josie Heffernan, and a few other Christians, who wanted to get together to go hiking on Saturdays, leaving them free on Sundays. At an AGM on 23 January 2010 a majority decision was made to change the name to the Irish Christian Hillwalking Club, to better reflect the type of activities of the club.

The club organises regular hikes on Saturdays in various parts of the island of Ireland, and occasional weekend events and trips abroad are also organised. The club is not a church and is not intended to replace participation in the local church. Yet it can greatly assist in bringing Christians from various denominations together for fellowship and healthy outdoor pursuits. It can be a means of building up people from remote parts of the country who may be part of a very small fellowship, and who would enjoy meeting with other Christians. There would be times for discussion of topical issues relevant to Christians today at events also. The activities can be a means of witness to friends and a basis for learning and training for future service to others.

Members are people who agree with the Christian ethos and the Statement of Faith of the club. This is to ensure that the club is primarily a body of Christians with a common interest, and that the club will be run on the foundation of the principles outlined in the Bible. Non-Christian guests are welcome to all events and have an active participation.

The club is run by a committee which notifies members of up and coming events by email and snail mail. Suggestions are always welcome, and help with the organisation of events and the leading of hikes (with proper qualification) is also welcome. Feel free to contact us by email at any time.

What do we do?

The Irish Christian Hillwalking Club organises regular trips to good walking areas of the country. These events are organised by the local branch of the club, such as the Munster Branch for example, who would host the event. We have active regional branches in Munster and Leinster, and organise occasional hikes in Ulster and Connaught. We hope to establish branches in these regions. Interested people can join in their local outing, or travel to another part of the country and participate in a different event in a new locality, which would be organised in co-operation with the members located in that area. There may be more than one event in each area on the same day, as people can choose not to travel too far within the province. The events would be advertised by various means, such as on the notice boards of the churches of active club members as well as by word of mouth, and by the publishing of an events notice which would be posted to members each quarter.

Events will cater for the widest possible interest in outdoor walking. From events suitable to families with children, to experienced mountaineers who may wish to take in a winter ice assault on the faces of some of Europe's more demanding mountains. The variety of events will depend on the variety of experience of the members who take on the responsibility to organise and/or host an event.

Primarily the events will be in the hill-walking category, covering the highest peaks and ridges of hills in Ireland. Coastal and lowland walks are also organised to cater for the more relaxed participants. Special weekends would cater for a wider variety of walks to suit the wishes of participants.

Our aim is to keep costs down to a reasonable level. We share transport whenever possible.

We would like to invite you to come as a guest to one of our events, so that you might experience for yourself the enjoyment that can comes from enjoying God's creation with other Christians.

Come and stand with us, with your feet on the rock.

Climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or even death. Participants in ICHC activities should be aware of this, be willing to accept the risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.